5 Myths About Water Births

Are water births easier? Will your baby drown during childbirth? Get the real facts about water births to decide if it's the right labor method for you.
water birth


If you've ever considered a water birth, in which you experience either labor and delivery or just labor in a tub of warm water, read on. Giving birth under water may appeal to you because, in theory, it's considered to be less stressful for you and your baby. In addition, water births can often lessen the fetal complications that ensue during labor and delivery that take place in a bed. Still, since there are plenty of misconceptions about giving birth underwater, we asked Barbara Harper, R.N., founder of Waterbirth International, a nonprofit organization that helps make water births an available option for moms-to-be, and Michelle Collins, C.N.M., an assistant professor of nursing at the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing who specializes in nurse-midwifery, to dispel some of the most common myths of giving birth underwater, which always be done under the watchful eye of an experienced health care provider.

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