Wacky Birth Stories from Moms Who Didn't Make it to the Hospital

"My whole family delivered my baby."

Komenda Family

Courtesy of Jenny Komenda

Jenny Komenda woke up last December 24 and said to her husband, Michael, "This is going to be the day." Her third child was already a week overdue. "I felt guilty that my mom, dad, and sister had come to visit and were leaving soon," says the Dover, Delaware, mom, who is an interior designer. "We all wanted this baby to come out." They got their wish. Five minutes later, Jenny started having contractions seven minutes apart. Still, the hospital was only two blocks away, so she took a shower and chatted with her family before leaving. By then it was too late. They barely made it out the front door when her water broke. Frozen in pain on the porch, Jenny blurted out, "I need to push -- now!"

"It looks like we're having this baby right here," announced her dad, Alan DeWitt, a family doctor in Snowflake, Arizona, who's done his share of deliveries. He and Michael laid Jenny down on the living-room ottoman. As she pushed, her sister, Heather, supported her back, while Jenny's mom, Linda, and Michael held her legs. Within a few minutes, Evelyn Jane (nicknamed Evie) arrived. Then the crew drove to the hospital. Within three hours, Jenny and Evie were given the all-clear to return home. Her family spent Christmas Eve playing games with Jenny and Michael's other kids, Grace, 5, and Claire, 3, and getting to know the child they had all helped deliver. "I'm not a home-birth kind of gal," Jenny says, "but there was something special about being with everyone as Evelyn Jane arrived. We all felt a special connection to her -- and to each other."

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