Birth Story: One Woman's VBAC

What's a VBAC?

So when I was pregnant the second time, I thought anything had to be better than the c-section recovery. My roommate from college also had a c-section with her first child. But for Sally (name changed) her inability to have a vaginal birth was a seminal moment. To her, childbirth was a self-actualizing experience. It was a religious and spiritual event. Not for me. Sure, I stood in awe of the emergence of human life. But to be honest, I was more focused on the fact that soon I'd no longer have an excuse for being a few pounds overweight.

Sally was determined to have a VBAC. "What's a VBAC?" I asked. "Vaginal birth after cesarean!" she cheered.

I liked the sound of VBAC. Not the idea behind it (I did, but more on that in a minute) but the acronym itself. It had a nice ring to it. It sounded cool. And with apologies to Eve Ensler and her Vagina Monologues, I've never been incredibly comfortable uttering the word "vaginal" in mixed -- or even all-female -- company. With VBAC the V-word was reduced to a very G-rated first letter in an acronym.

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