What to Expect in Childbirth Classes

Beyond Biology

Though you will listen to lots of lectures, childbirth classes usually feature some lighter fare as well. A hospital minicourse -- complete with the admissions process, the policies on everything from visiting hours to whether or not baby can room in with you, and a nursery visit -- is an enjoyable part of class.

Some instructors may treat you to a prenatal workout. They'll teach you stretches to alleviate pain and pressure from typical problem spots such as the back and pelvis. The more creative types have been known to add in a few fun interactive elements. "My teacher had my husband strap a 30-pound backpack across his stomach. Then she made him tie his shoes," recalls Stacey Cohen of Chicago.

No class is complete without recess, which will give you time to bond with other couples during breaks. In childbirth classes, indigestion and shrinking bladder size are the stuff of which lifelong friendships are made. "It was actually nice to have all those couples there and to hear the questions they had and to hear about what they were going through," notes Cohen.

Ultimately, when you graduate, you'll have a lot of knowledge, a big boost of confidence, and a few new friends to call when your bundle of joy arrives.

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