Ins and Outs of Squatting Births

Squat Prep

Most women instinctively stand, walk and squat during labor, but you may want to practice the proper technique before your delivery day. Squats are safe to practice during pregnancy as long as your doctor gives you the green light. In fact, some prenatal yoga classes include squats as preparation for labor and birth.

If you're hoping to have a squatting birth, it's important to talk with your physician and/or midwife about your birth plan. "Some physicians are more comfortable with alternative birthing positions than others," Dr. Schaffir says. "Find a facility and physician with experience in your desired birthing plan or position." Remember, however, that a safe birth is the number-one priority for both you and your doctor.

"The most important thing a woman can do, in my experience, is have multiple 'tools' in her labor 'toolkit,' rather than relying on one specific method of childbirth preparation or one position for birth," Bibeau says. "This way, if she finds that one of the coping techniques she thought would be helpful to her just isn't working or safe anymore, she has other tools to select from that might be exactly what she needs to get through that next contraction and bring her one step closer to meeting her baby."

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