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If you're planning to nurse your baby, many hospitals offer breastfeeding classes that teach such things as infant positioning, pumping and storing milk, and how to deal with potential problems. Infant-care classes can also be helpful, especially if this will be your first time taking care of a new baby. Instructors go over basics like bathing, taking a temperature, diapering, circumcision care, feeding issues, and car safety. Of course, if you already have children, they can join in the fun as well. Sibling-preparation classes are usually designed for children ages 3 to 10 to give them a preview of what to expect when their new sibling is born. Depending on the class curriculum, they might learn how to hold the new baby, help with tasks like diapering, discuss how they feel about having a new sister or brother, and get to see the maternity and nursery areas of the hospital too. Talk to your pediatrician or ob-gyn to find these classes in your town.

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