Childbirth Classes: Why They're (Still) Important to Attend

How Childbirth Classes Are Changing

Childbirth educators are scrambling to change their teaching tactics. "When people are so busy, we need to find ways to accommodate them," says Chris Just, director of the Childbirth Education Program at Isis Maternity, an agency with three locations in Massachusetts. Besides a four-week course, Isis Maternity offers condensed one- and two-day sessions. Many hospitals and educators going that route have seen their class attendance rise as a result.

There are also alternatives to the group approach, including online classes and private sessions, although you'll lose the camaraderie factor, Murkoff says. Doulas -- hired labor assistants -- are yet another option. They can provide support and insight in the weeks leading up to birth, not just at the birth itself. "But you can have your doula and take classes too," Murkoff adds.

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