A Day in the Life of an Ob-Gyn

Rush, Rush

He rushes into Linda's room and determines that though she may want to, she's not ready to push just yet. He dashes back to Janet. I feel as if I'm in a hospital version of a Marx Brothers movie. For a few minutes, I'm convinced that today is going to be the day that two women deliver at exactly the same moment.

No dice. At 10:44, Dr. Scher delivers Janet's baby boy with great joy. As he's finishing, Linda's nurse interrupts him again: "She's bursting at the seams!" He ensures that Janet is all right and is back with Linda by 11. She starts pushing, and this time Dr. Scher is staying put.

"You're just about there," he says.

"I want it to come out already," Linda moans. But then her contractions slow, and she begins to lose steam.

At 11:30, Dr. Scher checks in on Janet again. He then heads over to the nurses' station, where he fills out a birth certificate for Janet's baby, makes a call to the office to pick up his messages, and phones his wife, Brenda, letting her know that he has delivered one baby and is waiting for two more to arrive.

Finally, at 11:51, Linda takes a breath, pulls in her chin, and bears down. As I watch, the baby's head emerges. It's covered with a mass of dark hair! One more push and the shoulders are free. Then the legs appear -- they're long and skinny. "Mazel tov! It's a boy!" crows Dr. Scher. The baby wails, getting his first gulp of air. I wipe away my tears.

A baby has just been born. It's the most natural thing in the world as well as one of the most extraordinary. And even though the doctor has witnessed this too many times to count, he agrees. "I still get a kick out of it," he says.

Leaving Linda to enjoy her baby, he's now 90 minutes late for the amnio. After performing it, he spends the rest of the afternoon monitoring Marcia's progress.

*Some names have been changed.

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