Writing a Birth Plan

Map out your ideal childbirth experience.

Why Write a Birth Plan?

Have you thought about writing a birth plan? A birth plan is your personal wish list for what you consider to be the ultimate birthing experience. It doesn't have to be complicated process -- all you need is some time to reflect on some important questions pertaining to your birth experience.

There are so many factors in childbirth that sometimes it's difficult to keep track of your preferences without writing them down. Creating a birth plan is an opportunity for you and your partner to decide how you want your birth experience to proceed. It's also a good way to get your partner's input about important decisions regarding birthing methods and medical interventions before you're actually in labor.

Writing a birth plan lets you identify the issues that concern you most, and prepares you for discussing them with your health-care provider or birth attendant. Sharing your birth plan with those involved in your birth experience will greatly improve your dialogue.

Be sure to give a copy of your birth plan to your partner, your labor support people, your health-care provider/birth attendant, your childbirth educator, and your birthing center or hospital nursing and admissions staff.

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