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Surely by now, we've all heard of the infamous "too posh to push" slogan generated by Victoria Beckham's, aka "Posh Spice," choice to schedule the birth of her four children via c-section, right? But besides the woman who started the trend, other celebrities chose to outsmart Mother Nature by scheduling their baby's birth.

Christina Aguilera. The singer and host of "The Voice" definitely scheduled a c-section with her son, primarily to avoid vaginal tearing. I definitely can understand the concern, but also, as an L & D nurse, part of me really doesn't think a c-section is any gentler. Ouch either way!

Denise Richards. The former wife of Charlie Sheen tried to plan her c-section, but like babies tend to do, her little one caused a slight change in plans when Denise went into labor a day before her scheduled surgery. (She still ended up delivering via c-section). I can't tell you how many times I have seen a mother come in the night before she is supposed to be induced. It's like her body just knows!

Britney Spears. The pop star is rumored to have scheduled her c-sections, simply because her mother passed the horror of childbirth on to her, calling it "the most painful thing she had ever experienced in her whole life." Britney's little sis also chose to schedule her baby's birth, opting for a scheduled induction.

Back-to-back babies

People called the latest crop of celebrity mothers with back-to-back pregnancies a "baby boom," but it does seem to be a bit of a trend in the celebrity world to pop out a few kids at a time...

Jessica Simpson. After a very public first pregnancy, Jessica's second pregnancy, occurring only 7 months after she gave birth the first time, was a bit more low-key.

Keri Walsh-Jennings. This is a woman who won an Olympic gold medal while pregnant, so surely she can handle the 11-month age difference between her two sons. In fact, Keri and her husband planned it that way, hoping for a fun and close relationship for the siblings.

Tori Spelling. Tori definitely takes the cake for fastest possible pregnancy turnover, celebrity or not--she found out she was expecting her fourth child only a month after bringing her third home from the hospital!

In the end, however fun as it is to get a glimpse into the lives of celebrity moms compared to us mere mortals, there's one only thing that matters when it comes to welcoming a baby into the world. As Dr. Materson quipped about her own pregnancy, "I was just happy to be alive and have a healthy baby. And that is really what it's about!"

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