Q&A: What's the Mucus Plug?

Dr. Elizabeth Pryor answers the question, What is a mucus plug, and how can you identify it?


What does a mucus plug look like? Is it a certain color or texture?


Generally patients believe that the mucus plug will come out intact and they will be aware of it at that time. This is actually somewhat of a misconception. The inside of the cervix, or the mouth of the womb, produces a sticky mucus discharge. Rarely it will come out intact as a "plug."

More commonly, the woman will notice an increase in a mucous discharge in the last three to four weeks of pregnancy. She might note increased discharge after an examination by her doctor. Occasionally the mucus may be slightly tinged with blood, and this is generally normal.

The texture of the mucus is actually similar to what would come out of your nose if you had a bad cold, and it's typically the same color, meaning white or yellowish.

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