Birth Plan Strategies

Get Him Involved

Go over the plan with your partner as well as any other support people who will be involved in your delivery. "My husband wanted labor to be very medical, and I wanted it to be more natural," says Gillian Cilibrasi, of New York City. "Writing a birth plan helped us find places to compromise and made us feel close."

When the couple arrived at the hospital to deliver their baby last year, they were delighted to discover that the nurses had read their birth plan, right down to the fact that they wanted the lights turned down low in their birthing room. "Everything went beautifully," Cilibrasi says. "We knew that no labor goes exactly the way you anticipate it, but our attitude was, you make a to-do list to plan your average day, so why not do it for childbirth? Could there be a more important day than that?"

Beyond the Birth Plan
Beyond the Birth Plan

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