6 Delivery-Day Jitters

Worry #2: Having Baby in the Car

"Growing up, I had seen the occasional news story of a woman giving birth in a cab," says Marie Leach, of Newtown, Pennsylvania.

The chances of this happening are slim, says James Woods, Jr., M.D., chair of the department of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Rochester Medical Center. This is true particularly for first-time moms. (First-time labor generally lasts 10 to 14 hours, while subsequent deliveriesare often quicker.) And in the unlikely case of a backseat delivery, he says, if you were to cut the cord, clear the baby's nostrils and mouth, and swaddle him, the baby would likely be perfectly okay. "But there aren't many people who have labors that are only 20 minutes long," Dr. Woods says, laughing. "A lot of women would love to have that."

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