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Page 7: Baby Arrives

brother with newborn baby

6:41 a.m. My baby emerges. The head, then that quick slide of the shoulders. In an instant I am handed a big, fat, slippery boy. Tears. Laughter. My legs are shaking. Get the camera! Theo says, "Mama! Baby!"

I slowly walk to the bedroom, cord dangling, baby in arms, husband and midwife on either side. Theo goes back to Monkey George. Nathan cuts the cord. I deliver the placenta and nurse my beautiful baby in my own bed. He's wrapped in a beach towel we got on our honeymoon. It's all so surreal. Theo finally joins us. He stares at his new brother resting in Nathan's arms. Kristen picks him up for a better look.

"Say hi to your baby brother, Eli."

Eli Cooper Powell is weighed and measured. His fingers and toes are counted. He gets the official midwife thumbs-up. Kristen stays for a while and talks and cleans up.

An hour later, Nathan, Theo, and I are eating egg-and-cheese sandwiches around our kitchen table with our newest member sleeping in my arms. Then we all move outside to the backyard. Theo plays with his new sandbox -- a gift from Eli. And I sit on my new double glider -- a gift from Nathan -- with my baby in my arms. I cannot get over how ordinary yet utterly amazing this all feels.

By Holly Pevzner

Originally published in the September 2010 issue of Parents magazine.

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