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October 1

I had my first doc appointment today for the obligatory confirmation that I am, in fact, with child. When my doctor asked if I had any concerns, I fast-forwarded right to the "Can you help me make this birth less insane?" question. I want to avoid being pantsed in public this go-round. She suggested an early induction.

November 17

I've been stewing. I don't want to be induced. I pushed my beautiful baby boy out in three hours. No meds. Just a nervous-as-all-get-out husband who really, really wanted me to get into the car already. No one I know has ever said, "Wow, that Pitocin is some good stuff!" I've heard that it makes your contractions more painful. No thanks.

January 13

I got an e-mail today from my pregnant friend/playgroup buddy Tracy. She's meeting with a midwife next week. She's thinking about doing a homebirth. Her insurance actually covers it. I'm calling my company first thing tomorrow.

January 14

Holy cow. First, I actually got a real live person from my insurance company to talk to me. Second, he told me they cover homebirth. Whoa. I could do this.

January 16

The more I read, the more promising the idea seems. It's a funny thing -- I didn't even want to have Theo in a birthing center rather than a hospital, but now I'm on the brink of having his sibling in my living room.

January 22

I just e-mailed Tracy's midwife, Kristen. I'm so nervous that she'll be busy. Apparently, booking a homebirth midwife is much like securing a great location for your wedding: It's ill-advised to wait, the way I have, until you've only got four months till the big day.

January 25

Kristen has room in her schedule! I really hope she's not a crazy earth mother. Please, please exude confidence and medical awareness, Kristen. Please don't mention chakras or chanting or placenta eating or other flaky stuff.

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