Here We Go Again!

Maggie Rodriguez and Erica Hill from The Early Show are still in awe of their second pregnancy, even if this time they know what to expect.

Maggie Rodriguez and Erica Hill have an awful lot in common. The two women both work for The Early Show (Erica is the co-anchor of the Saturday edition and Newsreader of the weekday edition of the broadcast, and Maggie is the co-anchor of The Early Show weekday edition). Additionally, both women are pregnant with their second child and both are expecting a boy. Hill will be delivering her second son any day now, while Rodriguez is due in July, 2010.

Get an intimate look at how they view their second pregnancies in this candid question-and-answer interview.

What's the biggest change in your attitude toward pregnancy this time?

Maggie Rodriguez and Erica Hill

Maggie: I am a lot less stressed, even though my first trimester was an ordeal. My daughter, Daniella, who's 4, got H1N1. Then I came down with shingles in my eye and was hospitalized for six days. But I'm glad it was during my second pregnancy, because if it had been my first, I would have been more freaked out. Now I know how resilient babies are. I was on antivirals; I was on morphine. The doctors reassured me it was okay.

Erica: The first time, it was scary to think I might never get my body back. When I was pregnant with Weston, who's 3, I gained 50 pounds and it stressed me out. I told my doctor I was worried about gaining all that weight again. She said, "I'm not concerned with how much you gain; I'm happy to see that you lost it all, and when you got pregnant with number two, you were where you started with number one."

How else is this pregnancy different?

Maggie: Something that's hard to admit is that this pregnancy doesn't have the novelty of the first. I haven't read as many books, and I haven't written as much in my journal. I've been busy with my daughter. It's made me feel as if I've been neglecting this baby in a way, because being pregnant isn't so new.

Erica: Yes! With Weston, I had a pregnancy book and would write stuff down all the time, but this time I haven't written a single thing. But I know why we're not doing it: We know what's coming.

Right, and now that you're no longer first-timers, what baby product do you feel you could skip?

Maggie: A swaddling blanket. I know how to swaddle now. This time, I want the bare minimum. But you can't know that until you've been through it before.

Erica: I can live without a wipewarmer. What happens when you're out and you don't have it? All you can say is, "Sorry, buddy."

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