Plus-Size and Pregnant

Q&A: What's Safe and What's Not

Q. Is it safe to diet?
A. No. Your developing baby needs nourishment. Instead of cutting calories, meet with a nutritionist, who will help make sure you eat right but don't gain too much.

Q. Is it safe to exercise?
A. Yes, with your doctor's okay. Low-intensity activities like water aerobics, swimming, walking, and yoga ward off excess pounds and can help prevent problems like diabetes and hypertension.

Q. Is it safe to take appetite suppressants?
A. No. Using them during pregnancy has been linked to stillbirths and birth defects.

Q. Is it safe to conceive after bariatric surgery?
A. Probably. But talk to your doctor first. Your odds of developing gestational diabetes and preeclampsia are lower, but wait for weight loss to stabilize before you get pregnant (at least a year to 18 months).

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