When to Start Trying Again

Should You Wait?

It may be a good idea to wait a few months to allow yourself time to heal emotionally and physically. But how long to wait differs with the individual. Even doctors can't agree because there are many factors -- both physical and emotional -- involved in deciding how long to wait. Other considerations include your age and whether you, as a couple, are experiencing other big changes in your lives. Get information from your health-care provider, books, and other sources. Then decide for yourself. It's normal to find that, while you may feel ready to try again, your partner may not. Or the other way around.

Recognize that you may be balancing many feelings: anxiety, anger, obsession, ambivalence about a subsequent pregnancy, hopeful feelings about the future, and grief and guilt about your loss. Even if you desperately want to try again, most parents find that their grief intensifies in the months following, and that another pregnancy feels too risky to even consider at this time.

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