When to Start Trying Again

Issues to consider after a miscarriage, before trying again.

Making the Decision

Some couples want to try as soon as possible to get pregnant again after a pregnancy loss. Others are unsure whether they ever want to try again. And most go back and forth between the two. This difficult and personal decision can only be made by you and your partner.

You have just been through a very painful experience. Allow yourself some time to make the decision that's right for you. Keep in mind:

  • All pregnancies are different.
  • You might have to deal with the recurrence of a genetic defect. Get as much information as possible from a medical professional before making your decision.
  • There are advantages both to waiting and to getting pregnant soon after your loss. Waiting will allow you more time to heal physically and emotionally and may help you feel less anxious during the pregnancy. Getting pregnant soon after the loss may make you feel that you're moving toward more hopeful times and help you overcome feelings of "failure."
  • If you've battled infertility or gone through a number of losses, you need to honestly answer this question: "Can I do this one more time?"

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