Coping with Miscarriage

Learn to deal with fears, family, and friends after a loss.

Friends and Family

No matter how briefly a pregnancy lasts, a miscarriage kills hopes and dreams. Parents ache for their baby, even if they never got to hold it. The distress and depression can last for months, long after others expect the bereaved parents to feel better.

Even when the sorrow is fresh, friends and family may inadvertently trivialize the couple's loss. They unwittingly make hurtful comments: "You can always get pregnant again," or "It probably was for the best," or "A miscarriage isn't as bad as losing a child." Often it's because they simply don't know what else to say.

At the same time, friends and relatives also can offer needed encouragement and support. Just knowing that they are cared about by their friends and family helps grieving couples progress through the painful process of healing from loss.

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