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Get pregnancy information you can trust. We'll help you track your pregnancy week-by-week, including how big your baby is today and how your pregnant body is changing. Consult our due date calculator to learn when your baby will arrive. We'll also help you have a healthy, happy pregnancy with our pregnancy-safe workouts and meal plans. You'll learn how to write a birth plan, and we'll tell you what to expect when it comes time to give birth.

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Labor & Delivery: What to Expect in a C-Section
Labor & Delivery: What to Expect in a C-Section

Learn what to expect during a c-section procedure and what the recovery process looks like.

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How do I stop worrying about getting fatter during pregnancy?

You're definitely not alone feeling the way you do! Gaining weight during pregnancy is normal. The average size of a newborn baby is 7 1/2 pounds, and the placenta weighs about 1-2 pounds. Amniotic fluid, your uterus, breast tissue, blood, ... More

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