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Managing Motion Sickness

Many young children are prone to motion sickness. To keep tummies calm in the air or on the road, follow these steps from the American Academy of Pediatrics:

1. Talk to your pediatrician about motion-sickness treatments that are appropriate for toddlers, such as Dramamine, and administer them to your child half an hour to an hour before you travel. Skin-patch remedies are unsafe for young children.

2. If your child has not eaten in a few hours, give her a light snack before your trip.

3. Since focusing on sights that are farther away seems to stave off nausea, make sure your child can get a good view of her surroundings.

4. Avoid reading stories to your child. This would direct her gaze downward and could make her nauseated and carsick.

5. Make frequent pit stops so your child can get some fresh air and walk around.