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Make a Two-Way Backyard Target

Our no-sew felt target offers two ways to play, with a colorful bull's-eye on one side and a baseball pitcher's practice strike zone on the other.

Two-Way Target

Kinzie & Riehm

Step 1: Cut the following pieces from felt: a 49- by 21-inch rectangle for the base; four concentric circles for the bull's-eye (ours are 18, 12½, 8½, and 3½ inches); and a dark green square (ours is 15 inches), a white home plate, and two light green triangles for the strike zone.

Step 2: Assemble the bull's-eye and strike zone with fabric glue, then glue each to one half of the base. Add adhesive-backed felt letters and numbers as shown. (On the strike zone target, K is a strikeout, the numbers are bases reached by opposing batters, and HR is an opposing home run.) Drape the base over a 26-inch wooden dowel. Secure the edges with glue. Tie sturdy rope to the dowel and hang the target to dry.

Strike Zone

Photograph by Kinzie & Riehm

Finally, attach several small pieces of rough-sided adhesive-backed Velcro to plastic practice balls. Hang the target so it can swing freely (that way, the balls won't bounce off).

Originally published in the May 2013 issue of FamilyFun