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Add Cute Stripes to Old Jeans

Salvage those jeans!
Stripe Hype

Photograph by Alexandra Grablewski

You will need:
Too-short jeans
Iron and ironing board
Fabric glue (we used Fabri-Tac)
1-inch-wide masking tape
Colored and white fabric paint
Paint brush or foam brush

1. With your child in the jeans, determine the desired length,
add 1 inch, and mark the length with the chalk. Trim the jeans along the chalk line.

2. Turn the jeans inside out and fold the bottom edge to make a 1-inch hem. Press a crisp edge with a hot iron. Secure the hem with a line of fabric glue.

Step 3

Photograph by Alexandra Grablewski

3. Turn the jeans right side out. On each leg, apply three strips of tape at 1-inch intervals as shown at right.

Step 4

Photograph by Alexandra Grablewski

4. Paint the bottom stripe using the colored fabric paint straight from the bottle. Make the lighter shades for the other two stripes by mixing in drops of white paint.

5. Let the paint dry, then remove the tape and set the paint according to the package directions.

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Originally published in the April 2013 issue of FamilyFun