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Goodbye, Waistline

By your 6th month, you can't hide that basketball-size bump under your shirt. Your uterus has swollen to an inch or so above your belly button, and you're much more conscious of it as you reach into high cupboards or bend over to tie your shoes. At this point your uterus probably measures about 9 inches; your health care provider will measure it during each prenatal visit to be sure that your baby is developing normally.

You may start to worry about falling now that you're feeling a little clumsy and your uterus has grown above your pelvic bone, making it harder to see where you're going. Be assured: Between the amniotic fluid and those thick, muscular walls, your uterus is a safe haven. You'd have to be seriously injured for anything to happen to your baby. Still, you may find yourself adopting that protective stance of expectant moms everywhere, always standing with your hands folded over your belly, or even patting it from time to time as you talk to your baby or try to distract him from kicking you in all the wrong spots.

Originally published in You & Your Baby: Pregnancy.

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