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Your Partner's Reaction to Your Changing Appearance

Your body is changing: You're gaining weight, your legs are swelling, and your face is puffy. It can be hard to feel sexy when you are changing into a larger, fleshier version of yourself. And if you don't feel attractive, you may be wondering how your partner feels about the new you.

Some men think their pregnant wives are sexier and more gorgeous than ever. But not all do. If your partner seems to be reacting negatively to your appearance -- or if he is making critical comments about your size -- talk with him about it. Let him know that his comments sting, even if he's just kidding.

Remind him that this is only temporary. After your baby is born, you will look more like yourself again. It may take you a while to lose the weight you've gained, but with determination (and his support), you can return to your prepregnancy weight. More important, remind him that you are going through all of these changes so that you can both become parents.

Be open with your partner about what you need. He may not realize his comments hurt you. By working together, you can go beyond appearance and build a deeper bond.

Originally published in You & Your Baby: Pregnancy.

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