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The Ups and Downs of Sex

Pregnancy Sex Tips: Fun Sex in Your Second Trimester
Pregnancy Sex Tips: Fun Sex in Your Second Trimester

Multiple orgasms, powerful sexual fantasies, and a feeling that you can't get enough of your partner -- sex during your 2nd trimester may be better than ever, especially since you're no longer nauseous and your energy has returned. Your increased blood flow is making your vagina feel plumper and tighter and increasing your vaginal lubrication.

Many women feel far more sensual as a result of hormone surges and increased sensitivity in the pelvic region. If you've had trouble climaxing during sex in the past, you may find it surprisingly easy now. You might even experience multiple orgasms for the first time. Your increased desire could translate into new sexual fantasies. Have fun with your new sensuality and give free rein to your imagination. Think of good sex now as a sort of savings account you can draw on (and remember) when private time is chiseled away after the baby is born.

For other women, sexual fantasies and acts may become troubling as it becomes tougher to ignore the fact that there's a third person -- your baby -- in bed with you. Many women (and their partners) have difficulty resolving the conflict between their ideals of a "good" mother and a sexy one. Avoiding sex during pregnancy is not a good solution to these issues; sex can be an important way to connect as a couple.

Originally published in You & Your Baby: Pregnancy.

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