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Gotta Have It: Personalized Lunchboxes

Flame Lunchbox

Courtesy of The Silly Wagon

Yeah, your little guy loves Curious George, but so does every other boy in his class. How's a preschooler -- this age is not known for organizational skills -- supposed to keep track of his lunchbox when it looks pretty much like everyone else's?

You already know it's a good idea to mark his name on everything from his shirt to his shoes -- so do the same with his lunch. Personalized aluminum lunchboxes from The Silly Wagon do it with style. Each lunchbox, custom designed by Em Tanner Designs, can be personalized however you want -- full name, first name, just initials. Choose your lunchbox from a ton of awesome designs, ranging from a Greased Lightning-inspired name-n-flames to the preppy pink polka-dots model. They're cute, they're funky and, best of all, everyone will know exactly whose PB&J is whose.

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How to Choose a Lunchbox