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Parents Magazine Cover Contest FAQs

The entry period for this year's contest is now over.

How do I enter?

The entry form is included on the page where you enter your photos. As long as you add your photos to the appropriate age category of the Magazine Cover Contest, complete the Photo Contest Information section, and follow the Official Rules, your photos will be entered in the contest.

How is the winner chosen?

The Parents magazine judges will review all of the entries and choose 40 semi-finalists (20 from each age category). Semi-finalists will be selected based on the criteria set forth in the Official Rules. Semi-finalists will be asked to provide more pictures for consideration, and then five finalists from each age category will be selected to fly to New York City for a professional photo shoot from August 9-11, 2009. Two of the photos (one from each age category) will be selected for the November 2009 dual cover.

How will the photos be judged?

As it says in the Official Rules, judging will be "based on overall appearance of the child as shown in the photo(s), personality of child as expressed through the photo(s), and quality of photo(s)."

Will the judges really look at all entries?

Yes, they really are looking at all entries.

Can I enter my twins together?

Twins must be entered separately. Although they may look alike, a set of twins can have totally different temperaments and have a different presence in front of the camera.

Can I enter a professional photograph?

Photos must be taken by entrant, non-professional, unpublished and may not have won any prize or award.

Do the ratings and recommendations play any part in deciding the winner?

No, they do not.

I know they don't count toward winning the contest, but how can people vote for my photo?

Users can vote for photos to express support for certain entries, but these votes have no bearing on semifinalist or winner selection.

Why won't my photo upload?

First, check that your photo is the right size and file type (photos must be .jpg or .bmp and under 3 MB). During periods of heavy traffic, some users may experience very slow load times or not be able to upload their photo at all. In this case, it's best to wait a few hours and then come back and try again.

I can't find my photo! Help!

To find your photo, go back to the Parents.com photo area (www.parents.com/photos) and click the View My Photos button at the top right to see all of your galleries.

Parents Magazine Cover Kid Contest

Click on the thumbnail to see your gallery, or click "Tell a friend" to e-mail friends and family a direct link to your gallery (see screen shot below).

tell a friend entry photo contest
I added my child's gallery to the wrong category. Is there any way to transfer it over to the Parents Magazine Cover Model Search?

Unfortunately, no. You must re-upload your gallery in the Cover Model Search category.

If my child is chosen as a finalist, can the rest of my family join us in New York City, provided we pay for their expenses?

Yes, but Parents magazine/Meredith Corp. will only pay for one child and one guardian.

I accidentally clicked on x star instead of x star -- can I undo?

No you cannot undo a rating. Remember, per the official rules, ratings and recommendations do not have any bearing on the selection of winners.

I uploaded my picture but it won't fit in the thumbnail and it won't shrink.

The shrink feature is to allow you to shrink your photo back to original size once you've grown it. You cannot shrink the thumbnail photo to be smaller than the original that was uploaded. If you want more of your photo to show in the thumbnail view, you'll need to resize in a photo editing tool.

I select the photo I want to upload on my computer. The thumbnail box is empty and my picture never displays.

Most likely you have a photo that is too large. Try resizing the photo using a photo editing tool and resubmit.

When will the semi-finalists be announced?

The semi-finalists will be posted to the site on July 28th, 2009.

What if I missed the entry period?

We always have a fun photo contest on the site. Check out our photo contests.


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