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Baby's First Party: 5 Ways to Make It Special

Put your baby's cute face on the invitation. Have her hold a sign that says "It's my birthday."


Keep the theme young. Simple, age-appropriate decor such as barnyard animals, music, or teddy bears works best.

Put your baby in his birthday suit. Decorate a simple one-piece T-shirt with stamped-on letters and your child's handprint in paint.

Make it fun for the adults too. Set up a crafting table and have each guest decorate a card for your baby's future birthdays. Every year, she can open a card that was made at her first party.

Serve dessert in recycled baby-food jars. Chocolate mousse, ice cream, or chocolate pretzel rods are all good options.

Copyright © 2008. Used with permission from the May 2008 issue of Parents magazine.