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Gotta Have It: A High Chair That Grows with Your Kid

Hi Lo High Chair

Having a baby = stuff, stuff, and more stuff. And most of the essential gear you need is quickly outgrown, leaving you to find a spot for it until the next kid. Guess you should have registered for a storage unit along with the baby gym and the swing.

So we love it when we find a product that grows with our kid, like the new HiLo chair by AGE Design, which will give your kid a spot at the table from just-starting-solids 6 months all the way to an almost-big-enough-for-a-regular chair 6 years. With pull-out side buttons, the chair flips from a high chair with tray and straps to one that slides under the table so your little one can sit with the family for dinner. And -- since looks count when you're going to have it for 5+ years -- this one is wonderfully modern, minimalist, and devoid of any clash-with-the-dining-room teddy bear prints. Instead, it comes in four foodie-friendly colors: carrot, asparagus, portobello, and raspberry. Best of all, the HiLo chair is delivered already assembled and ready to be covered in pureed squash. Bon appetit!

The HiLo chair retails for $395. To find stores, visit:


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