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Gotta Have It: Strollometer


When your days are booked solid with feeding, diaper changes, and naptimes (the baby's and yours), finding time and childcare to go to the gym seems like a pipe dream. How are you supposed to lose the baby weight when you can barely even find time to take a shower?

Well, here's the good news: You're probably getting a lot of exercise already and don't even know it. To prove it, strap the Strollometer onto your stroller and go. Invented by New York-based mama Adi Weber, who wanted a way to quantify the exercise she was getting behind the stroller, this handy strap-on pedometer wirelessly calculates your speed, distance, and time. It's weatherproof, tells you the time and temperature, and fits onto any stroller -- jogging or your plain old umbrella.

Weber was pleasantly surprised to learn she was walking approximately 6.5 miles a day with her baby. Who knows how much ground you're already covering? If you know how far you're walking, you can push yourself to go a little farther each day. Between breastfeeding (which can burn up to 500 calories a day), and those miles-long sessions pushing the baby, you may never have to set foot in a gym again.

The Strollometer is part of the Parent Inventors collection at Target and retails for $45.95.


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