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Gotta Have It: Boob Nursing Turtleneck Dress

Nursing Turtleneck Dress

You've said goodbye to the bump and maternity jeans, and hello to the challenge of finding cool, incognito nursing tops. Sigh. Will fashion ever be uncomplicated again? Enter Boob (we're blushing a little too), a clothing company dedicated to making nursing look totally chic.

The collection is full of super comfy cotton/lycra blend tops and dresses, many with the telltale seam cleverly camouflaged. Our fave is the Nursing Turtleneck Dress, which comes in black, gray, or burgundy. With its of-the-moment (and forgiving) empire waist and soft stretchy knit, we'd totally wear even if we didn't need easy access to, ahem, "the girls."

Creator Mia Seipel was inspired to produce the line after sitting in a chilly park while her new mom sister nursed her son, exposing her midriff -- and who wants to flaunt the mummy tummy even on a warm day? Now a mom herself, Seipel feels it's a woman's right to nurse in comfort and style. Hear, hear, sister!

The nursing turtleneck dress retails for $115.00.


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