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Getting Savvy About Self-Feeding


Q: When should I start letting my 9-month-old daughter feed herself?

In the months before giving your baby a spoon, let her begin feeding herself some soft finger foods, such as a piece of roll or pieces of soft fruit, so she can get the feel of picking up food and directing it to her mouth, says Dr. Dreyer. But don't expect your baby to truly be able to feed herself once you give her a spoon.

Self-feeding is a slow process. It can take months before a baby eats a significant amount on her own. In fact, by 15 months, only about 50% of children spill less than half the food they attempt to get into their mouths, says Dr. Dreyer.

He advises parents to be patient: "By age 2, kids will be able to do most of the feeding themselves," he says.

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