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Hotel Babysitting


Q: I don't feel 100% comfortable children leaving my children with hotel staff. Should I be concerned?

A: This is a question many people wrestle with and the answer depends largely on your own level of comfort with the idea. Many parents dislike leaving their children alone in a hotel room with a sitter, no matter how highly recommended, particularly if their kids are too young to report back their experiences at the end of the evening.

If you are in a resort or hotel large enough to offer group babysitting in a children's playroom at night, can be a much better option, especially if more than one person is looking after the kids.

On the other hand, many hotels handpick their babysitters from among their own staff and recommend them unhesitatingly. If you are considering in-room babysitting, be sure to ask the concierge -- even before you arrive at the property, if possible -- about his or her top pick, how much experience that person has, and whether there have ever been any complaints.

Finally, ask the babysitter to arrive early so you can meet and discuss issues such as bedtime, TV rules, and discipline. If during that initial meeting you don't feel comfortable with the sitter, remember the cardinal rule -- rely on your instincts.