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A Time Capsule Baby Shower Party

This idea is fun for the guests, and the expectant mom will come away with a thoughtful gift for the future.

  • On the invitation, ask guests to bring one small item for the time capsule.
  • Prepare a large box to serve as the capsule. It can be an ordinary box, decorated with current newspaper headlines. Or you can choose a prepared gift box. You might also want to consider a container that's made of a sturdy and waterproof material.
  • Decorate the room with memory-themed artwork, such as newspaper pages from key years, or movie posters that recall an era.
  • Serve foods, such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or summer lemonade, that will inspire guests to remember important events from their pasts.
  • Have guests come in costume -- let them choose their favorite eras.
  • Fire up the video camera to capture the event on film.


Preparation time: 30 minutes

Playing time: 20-30 minutes

Players: All present

What you'll need

  • dates of major historical events such as an earthquake, a major movie star's wedding date, a political upheaval
  • paper and pencils for all

Before the party

  • Research historical events. If possible, photocopy the headlines with the date blocked out. Have at least 25 different headlines from different eras.

At the party

  • Distribute paper and pencils.
  • Hold up each headline for all to see. Have players write down in what year the event took place and how old they were at the time.
  • Player with the most correct dates wins.


Preparation time: 20 minutes

Playing time: 15 minutes

Players: All present

What you'll need

  • paper and pencil for all players
  • a list of toys and the year they were introduced
  • a timer

Before the party

  • Research famous toys and their debut dates.
  • Make a list with two columns. In column A, list the toys. In column B, list the dates.
  • Make enough copies for all players

At the party

  • Distribute pencils.
  • Set timer for two minutes.
  • Hand out toy list.
  • Have guests try to match the toys to their debut date. The player with the most correct matches wins.


Preparation time: 10 minutes

Playing time: 15 minutes

Players: All present

What you'll need

  • Hello, my name is... name tag stickers

Before the party

  • Research and come up with a list of famous mothers through history.
  • Put one name on each name tag.

At the party

  • Apply a name tag to the back of each guest.
  • Have the guests mingle. They may ask each other questions to try and guess the name of their mother. Only yes or no answers area allowed.
  • The player to guess correctly first wins.

Suggested prizes

  • kitchen timer
  • world almanac

Party favor idea

  • calendars

Gifts for the guest of honor

  • keepsake boxes or books
  • photo album


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