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Getting Fat in a Baby's Diet


My 16-month-old daughter just got over rotavirus. She's been off cow's milk for a week. Things seem better -- less rashy, less fussy, and she's even sleeping better. How can I get the right amount of fat into her diet while she's drinking rice milk?


Rice milk comes in several varieties. If you can find one that contains fat, that would be great. But if not, kids are still able to get the fat they need from a typical American, toddler diet.

Fat is important for brain development in the first three years of life (the brain is 60 percent fat). A few weeks off from fatty foods during an illness is fine, though. Full-fat food choices are usually best for kids up to age 2 or 3. What kids do not need, though, are partially hydrogenated fats. I'm sure glad the rotavirus is over and done with. That can be a nasty time for kids and their parents!


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