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Checklist: How Much Does It Cost to Have a Baby?

___ Do I have maternity benefits?

___ Do I have to pay a deductible, and if so, how much?

___ Is there a limit, or cap, on total coverage?

___ What services or conditions are not covered?

___ Are medications covered?

___ Does the policy cover the doctor or midwife I want to use?

___ Which tests are covered by the plan -- and how many? Do I need to get any preauthorizations?

___ What's covered in a high-risk pregnancy? Is a Cesarean delivery covered?

___ What kind of hospital accommodations can I expect?

___ Are education or childbirth classes covered?

___ What procedures do I need to follow before entering the hospital?

___ Am I responsible for filing or submitting any claims?

___ Is an epidural or other forms of anesthesia covered during my hospital stay?

___ How long can I stay in the hospital? What about the baby?

___ Does payment or reimbursement go to the doctor or me?

___ Will I be charged a deductible twice if my pregnancy extends into a new year?

___ How do I add the newborn baby to our policy?

Excerpted from the AmericanBaby.com Ages & Stages weekly prenatal newsletter, Week 9.


Originally published on AmericanBaby.com, August 2005.