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Checklist: Safeguard Those Gams! How to Soothe Preggo Leg Cramps

___ Before you hop in bed, stretch your calf muscles or, better yet, bat your eyelashes and ask your partner to massage them. They?ll be less apt to tense up while you snooze.

___ If your feet cramp up too, try this move: Gently point your toes toward the floor, and then flex them toward your head. Repeat for a few minutes.

___ Sleep on your side. By keeping weight off the vena cava (the main vein in the lower half of your body), this position best for your circulation, including blood flow to the placenta.

___ Take a bedtime bath. The warm water soothes muscles and boosts your blood flow, which can prevent middle-of-the-night pains.

___ Ask your doctor about taking a B-vitamin supplement. Studies have linked increased B6 intake to fewer leg cramps.

___ Ouch! When a painful cramp strikes, get up and walk around the room or stretch calf muscles with this exercise: Stand with one foot slightly in front of the other. While flexing your front foot, bend down as far as you can go. Switch legs, repeat.

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