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WHAT: Sudden infant death syndrome, also called crib death, is the unexplained death of a healthy infant. It's the leading cause of fatality in babies 1 month to 1 year old, affecting 2,500 a year.

WHO: Boys are slightly more likely to die of SIDS.

WHEN: Most deaths occur between 2 and 4 months of age.

HOW: 48 percent of deaths are attributable to baby's sleeping on his front or side, according to a recent study; 16 percent of cases were linked to co-sleeping (if the mother smoked or drank).

WHY: No one really knows. But studies show that putting your baby to sleep on his stomach raises the probability that he'll rebreathe his own expired gas, causing suffocation. Overheating is also a possible factor.

PREVENTION: Always put baby to sleep on his back. Never put him to bed on a sofa or waterbed. Keep pillows, comforters, and stuffed animals out of the crib. Never smoke or drink when co-sleeping. Don't overdress baby for bed, and make sure his head remains uncovered.


Originally published in American Baby magazine, April 2004.

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