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Which Celebrity Dad Has the Most Kids?

Baby Boy Sitting Between Dad's Legs

In the January 2005 issue of American Baby magazine, we asked you which celebrity dad had the most children: Warren Beatty, Mel Gibson, Pierce Brosnan, Will Ferrell, or Steven Spielberg.

Mel Gibson and Steven Spielberg each have seven kids -- that's much more than Warren Beatty's four, Pierce Brosnan's four, and Will Ferrell's one.

Spielberg has three sons (Sawyer, Max, and Theo) and four daughters (Destry, Mikaela, Sasha, and Jessica). Gibson has six sons (Thomas, Milo, Willie, Christian, Louis, and Edward) and one daughter (Hannah).

"People always ask me to list my greatest accomplishments, expecting me to rattle off a bunch of movies I've made," Gibson has said, "but what I'm proudest of is my kids."


AmericanBaby.com, December 2004