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Sharing a Bed with Your Baby


Is it safe to let my baby sleep in my bed?


The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) just came out warning all parents that no one should bring their babies (under age 1) to bed with them because of the risk of suffocation, strangling, and falls. Putting the bed next to the wall or putting pillows on the floor does not lessen the risk.

It seems to me, though, that "just say no" is too simplistic. It's better to teach people the risks and benefits and urge them to decide for themselves. Usually, one parent wakens quite easily to the baby's needs and the baby should sleep next to that parent. Often, the "deep sleeper" that the CPSC warns parents about has been drinking alcohol or taking antihistamines, causing her to be less in tune with the baby's needs.

I think that sleeping together is the best option for many families and that not sleeping together is the best option for many families.


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