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10 Ways to Feel Sexy Again During (and After) Pregnancy

Maybe you've been so busy being pregnant or taking care of your baby that you haven't thought about sex recently. But just in case, here are some fun ideas for getting in the mood again:

1. Lock the doors. You two need time alone. No interruptions from baby or Grandma.

2. Forget about intercourse -- for now. Who needs the pressure?

3. Cuddle, kiss, make out.

4. Trade foot rubs.

5. Shower together.

6. Give (and get) a full body massage.

7. Leave a sexy love note in his pocket.

8. Meet your husband at a quiet spot for a drink -- nonalcoholic, of course, if you're pregnant or nursing.

9. Exercise. You'll feel better about yourself and get your pre-baby body back faster.

10. Take a long bath to unwind, recharge, and luxuriate. And since you're already naked...

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