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Family First-Aid Essentials Checklist

Are you prepared for an emergency or sudden illness? Don't take chances -- stock up on these first-aid essentials now!

____ A copy of your emergency phone list

____ Hydrogen peroxide

____ Antibiotic ointment

____ Ibuprofen

____ Calamine lotion

____ Acetaminophen

____ Cotton-tipped applicators

____ Ready-to-use cold packs

____ A sling

____ Adhesive strips

____ Gauze

____ Bandage rolls

____ Bandage tape

____ Cups or spoons to measure medications

____ Scissors

____ Sterile cotton balls

____ Tweezers

____ Antiseptic wipes

____ Elastic bandages

Important note: If you have -- or care for -- a child who is severely allergic to insect stings or certain foods, you should always have an insect sting kit or food allergy kit nearby. The kits are available at drugstores with a doctor's prescription. Allergy victims can have life-threatening reactions if they are not treated immediately.

Baby Care Basics: Baby First Aid
Baby Care Basics: Baby First Aid

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