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Checklist: Bed Rest Supplies

If you're on bed rest, you'll want to keep the following items on hand to make resting more convenient, enjoyable, and comfortable:

____ A sturdy tray to use for reading, writing, eating, crafts, puzzles, and games

____ A two-way radio or baby monitor for communicating easily with people in other rooms

____ A portable phone so you don't have to struggle with phone cords

____ Your address book and a telephone directory

____ An easy-access container for the television and VCR remote controls

____ A notebook computer with Internet connection

____ Some pens and stationery

____ Your favorite art supplies and a sketch pad

____ Several small board games and a deck of cards

____ A few jigsaw puzzles, 3-D puzzles, and crossword puzzles

____ Plenty of books, newspapers, and magazines

____ A variety of healthy snacks such as fresh chopped vegetables, crackers, and fruit

____ A stock of gum and breath mints

____ Some extra blankets and pillows

____ A bathrobe and slippers

____ A box of tissues and cleansing wipes

____ Your favorite hand and body lotion

____ Some lip balm

____ A hairbrush

Excerpted from the AmericanBaby.com Ages & Stages weekly pregnancy newsletter, Week 36.


--Reviewed September 2005

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