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How to Tell Your Boss You're Pregnant

Sometimes, the big reveal is unavoidable:

Bryan MCay

"My boss was there when I got the call from the doctor."
--Christina Hacker Daley, Dayton, Ohio

"I left work a couple of hours early one day to go to a doctor's appointment, and I had to bring in a doctor's note the next day. When they saw it was from my OB, I told them."
--Meaghan Hughes, Hillsboro, Missouri

"I was so sick some days, there was no hiding it."
--Barbie Bagley, Agawam, Massachusetts

"I told my boss at six weeks because I worked as a vet tech and had to take X-rays of the animals. My boss knew before my family!"
--Deanna Campbell, Moscow, Idaho

Sometimes, a straightforward approach is the way to go:

"I walked into my boss's office three months before I was due and said, 'We need to talk about maternity leave!'"
--Amanda Jones, Selma, California

"I waited until I was 20 weeks along and said, 'Just to let you know, I'm pregnant. I'm due in January, and I plan to work up until then.'"
--Jess Lavoie, El Paso, Texas

"I found out I was pregnant the day after I got hired and told my boss on my first day of work."
--Meghan Scott, Anderson, South Carolina

"I called my boss and said, 'I'm in the emergency room. They're putting me on bed rest.'"
--Heather Byrd, Mechanicsville, Virgina

"I worked in a daycare and, when I was three months along, I told my boss, 'You're going to have a new enrollment in a few months.'"
--Connie Quinones, Justice, Illinois

Clothes for Work
Clothes for Work
Sometimes your boss discovers the news, or even predicts it:

"I interviewed for a nanny position when I was five months pregnant. They asked me if I ever planned on having kids. I answered, 'Yes, in about four months!'"
--London Nicole Martinez, Osceola, Indiana

"My boss noticed that I had been gaining weight and asked if I was pregnant."
--Sarah Leiberick, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

"I thought I had the flu and my boss thought I was pregnant. She sent me home with a pregnancy test and, when I came in the next day, she was waiting for the exciting news."
--Stacey L. McBride, Redmond, Oregon

"My boss told a few of my coworkers that I was pregnant with a little girl -- when I was about three weeks along! I didn't even know yet! He thinks he's psychic."
--Monique Renee, Woodbury, New Jersey

"My boss saw me carrying a box of doughnuts and a container of ice cream to the break room and she knew."
--Leslie Swanigan-Woodward, Bronx, New York

Sometimes, props come in handy:

"I called my boss into the bathroom at work and showed her my pee stick!"
--Karla Ruiz, Pittsburg, California

"I waited until I was three months along, then brought cupcakes with baby decorations on them into work."
--Jennifer Phillips, Estero, Florida

"At the time, my mom was my boss. I bought her a bib that said, 'What Happens At Grandma's, Stays At Grandma's!'"
--Toni Lardizabal Keltner, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

"I slid the sonogram across the desk and said, 'Guess what!'"
--Katie Schlake, Roanoke, Virginia

Sometimes, the word just gets out:

"I was in a car accident when I was seven weeks along. The next day the story was in the newspaper and everyone at work found out."
--Melissa Cole, Hagerstown, Maryland

"My coworkers beat me to it!"
--Jennifer Warner, Wheatland, Missouri

"My boss found out from Facebook."
--Traci Pawley, Reno, Nevada

"My boss overheard me tell a coworker."
--Shannon Donovan-Roszkowski, Bayonne, New Jersey

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