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Our Ob-Gyn on Conceiving After Miscarriage

Pregnancy After Miscarriage
Pregnancy After Miscarriage

I had a miscarriage and my doctor told me to wait three months before trying to get pregnant again. Why do I have to wait that long?


This question is inevitable when a woman experiences a pregnancy loss. Many doctors recommend waiting three months for the patient to heal. There are no scientific studies to prove that this is necessary. But in theory, it's possible that a woman is at increased risk for another miscarriage if she becomes pregnant right away.

However, many of my patients are willing to take that chance and refrain from using birth control once resuming intercourse about three weeks after the loss. The thought is that if you're able to conceive, then your body is probably ready to carry the pregnancy. This is inevitably a personal decision that needs to be made between you and your doctor.

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