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Making It Work With Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum with her daughters

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American Baby: Is there one piece of maternitywear that you couldn't live without when you were pregnant?

Heidi Klum: Well, I always wanted to have tight jeans, and they were really hard to find, especially ones that don't have the stretchy panel over your whole entire belly. So Destination Maternity helped me develop this hidden under belly, so that maternity denim leggings can look exactly like normal jeans, but they have all this stretch. I like them a lot!

AB: Do you have any advice for dressing a baby bump?

HK: I have two different lines. One is called Loved at Motherhood Maternity, so the prices are not bad. At Pea in the Pod I have the Lavish line, which is a bit more expensive. I design some really cute sweaters and I did some great prints. I love the overalls in the Loved collection. I had to fight for them because Destination Maternity was like, "Really? Overalls?" I was like, "Yes! They're so cute and I love them!" I always loved overalls when I was pregnant.

AB: Aren't overalls hard if you have to go to the bathroom?

HK: No, no, no, it's not hard at all! When I was pregnant there weren't pregnancy overalls. There were just regular overalls and at a certain point they looked silly because they weren't sitting at the right place. So for me it was important to do maternity overalls and I hope that women love them as much as I do. For Lavish I did a cashmere tracksuit, which I also love a lot. We did a lot of tunics, a lot of beautiful tops that have embellishment around the neckline for holidays. I wanted to make something for the pregnant women out there that, you know, want to look a little sassy.

AB: I was wondering if you could talk about any baby gear that made your life easier when you had a newborn.

HK: Well I do love the Baby Bjorn. And I puree food for Lou in the Magic Bullet. It's perfect because she only needs to eat a tiny portion. If you use a regular blender, you have to make too much, and then you have to throw away so much. So definitely the Magic Bullet. I love the Fisher Price Activity Table that they kind of walk around. It's great for like a 12-month-old. Lou loves that. Actually, all my kids actually had that table and they all loved it.

AB: Could you talk about what you and Seal do to stay connected?

HK: Seal and I go on weekend getaways, just the two of us. It's important as a couple. And our kids have fantastic grandparents who can watch them! We were just in London for five days, which was really great. You can't forget the romance.

AB: Is there anything you'd do when you were pregnant to streamline your beauty routine or any products that were great for pregnancy?

HK: No, nothing too different. I mean, I definitely think there's something to taking prenatal vitamins. I prefer prenatal vitamins even when I'm not pregnant. Your nails and hair grow like crazy!

AB: Could you tell me your favorite thing about newborns?

HK: Yeah, it's hard to explain to someone who has never had one. You know, they can be very addictive because they're just so cute. It's kind of like a little alien that comes out of you. And you're like, "Oh my god, I get to take you home!" It's exciting. Yeah, it's the most wonderful experience. And for all the moms who can experience breastfeeding, that's so nice and so connecting and so wonderful. I loved it.

AB: What's your kids' favorite meal that you make?

HK: They love fried chicken. They love chicken soup. My oldest daughter's favorite food is sushi, but I don't know how to make that.

Originally published in the December 2010 issue of American Baby magazine.