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When to Call Baby's Doctor Checklist

___ Your baby has a fever of 100.6 F or higher, as taken with a rectal thermometer.

___ Your baby has trouble breathing. She's gasping for air or her lips turn blue.

___ Her skin looks yellow, or jaundiced.

___ She vomits most of her feedings. The vomit is green or brown in color or projected with force.

___ There is a change in her appearance or behavior. While it's normal for newborns to have periods of wakefulness and sleepiness, your baby seems more lethargic, unresponsive, or pale than usual. Conversely, she also might seem highly irritable.

Excerpted from the AmericanBaby.com Ages & Stages weekly baby newsletter, Week 2.


Originally published on AmericanBaby.com, February 2006.

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