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Checklist: Getting Tested? Ask These Questions First

You probably won't need to ask many questions about routine procedures such as blood and urine tests. But for screenings such as ultrasound -- and especially for diagnostic tests such as amniocentesis -- you'll want to ensure that the benefits outweigh any possible risks.

Print this list of questions you may want to ask when your doctor says you need a prenatal test:

____ Why do I need this?

____ Are there any alternative procedures I should consider?

____ What happens during the test? Will it hurt?

____ Are there any risks for me or for the baby?

____ How experienced is the person performing the test? (Mainly for more invasive genetic tests.)

____ How accurate is it?

____ How will I find out the results? Will you call me?

____ How could the results affect my pregnancy?

____ What are the possible consequences if I don't get this?

____ Is the test covered by my insurance? If not, how much will it cost?

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